Management of Affiliates Agents

Management of Affiliates Agents

Jolis International provides discounts to its resellers who are hosting a certain number of domain names with us.
We mainly have two reseller schemes that are explained in detail below:

Reseller scheme One
In regards to the above scheme, discounts are provided to resellers who have got more than 3 domain names hosted within their jolis accounts to a maximum of 50  hosted domain names.
A coupon is issued to the reseller to use every time they make a renewal of any of the hosted domain names that are under the mentioned maximum. Instantly the system will apply the discount.
Below are the different percentages on how the discounts are distributed as per the number of domain names one is hosting with Jolis International.

No. of domain names Discount rate per domain
1 - 3 0%
4 - 10 30%
11 - 50 50%

Reseller Scheme Two
As per this scheme a reseller makes a one time annual payment of 1 million shilings and they are allowed to host a maximum capacity of 50 domain names under this discount reseller scheme.
Renewal is done after a period of one year.

The above offers apply to only and only clients using the UNLIMITED Hosting plan
Once one exceeds the given maximum number of 50 domain names, they will then have to pay the mount for the rest of the hosted domains at normal prices.