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SIM Card Hosting

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Sim Card Hosting enable you to send and receive SMS from your clients to your server or database by going through our dedicated sim gateway.

With our sim card hosting services, you can easily host your physical sim card in our own secure sim gateway hassle free. The SMS application and working method are similar with our bulk SMS services. The main difference is instead of using the 6-digit random shared shortcode, you get to choose any mobile number available on the market.

All you need to do is to purchase your own preferred sim card with your own number and hand over to us after subscribing to our sim card hosting services.

Your SIM card is operational 24/7 for your P2P (Person to Person) communication. Our SIM hosting service allows you to automatically forward incoming SMS messages to a specified email recipient, website, database or URL.

Why Choose Sim Card Hosting?

  • Easily recognize by clients with your own mobile number.
  • Skip the hassle of managing the SMS gateway
  • Zero cost for receiving SMS
  • Zero hardware maintenance cost
  • Sim Card Gateway operate 24/7, with 99% system uptime guarantee.
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support

Possibilities of SIM hosting

  • Receive incoming messages directly in the inbox of your account
  •  Forward all incoming messages by email to one or more email recipients.
  •  Forward all incoming messages to an API (webservice).
  •  Auto Responders: send automatic responses or perform actions on incoming messages

Advantages of SIM hosting

  • Your SIM card is operational 24/24h, 7/7 days.
  • Receiving SMS messages is free. There are no additional cost per received SMS message.

Package Includes

  • Rental of a mobile phone modem.
  •  Guaranteed uptime 24/24, 7/7.
  •  Installation and configuration of your SIM card.
  •  Support.
  •  Server monitoring.

SIM Card Hosting (Dedicated Long Code) Vs Shared Short Code

Dedicated Long Code Shared Short Code
SMS with your own preferred number Default 5 digit shared number
Unlimited keywords & Sub keywords Default shared keyword / Paid for per keyword
Dedicated resources Shared resources
Recipient sees your phone number Recipient sees only the default 5 digit number
All Keywords are available Keywords are subjected to availability