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About G7Bill Inc?

We are a licensed capital markets player, offering services such as stock brokerage, asset management and financial advisory services for transactions including debt and equity offers, mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate restructuring. We offer advisory services for firms doing capital raising or debt restructuring, asset management, mergers, acquisitions and Asset Management services for institutional investments such as segregated fund management, unit funds, cash management solutions and other alternative investments and personal investments (including unit funds). In addition, we have a seat in the Uganda Securities Exchange allowing us to buy and sell shares on beh​alf of clients.

G7Bill Inc offers investment packages for you to choose from. The package you choose will set your interest structure. Investing with G7Bill Inc is easy, it can be done using your home computer and it is fully automatic.

Are you looking for a system that can mutate into any industry?

G7Bill is here as an online billing system that facilitates billing for electronic services and is integrated with a number of international payment gateways including the fast growing proprietary JPesa online payment solution to the online merchants or e-commerce merchants. Get Started

Our success stories

The API integration was smooth and great prices and an intuitive UI make for good service delivery.

Ms. Abishag Abdi

G7Bill Inc offers an incredibly cost-effective solution, with great service support. This matters when making a decision.

Ms. Himojine Mbabazi

User authentication via SMS enables us to weed out automated sign-ups and protect our user data.

Mr. Abishai Abdi