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Portals are online platforms that allow businesses to conduct interactions and transactions with customers and suppliers instantly, facilitating a more intuitive and connected operation. An integrated portal solution allows organizations in the supply chain to have one interface shared across their business community.

What are the benefits of portals?

At a basic level, web portals make ordering easier and more reliable, with full visibility and 24/7 order placement. Suppliers, for example, can receive orders via their online portal, offering automatic status updates and other functions as required. This allows businesses to make transactions more efficient and effective, no matter the size of the order or the customer. Going beyond a simple eCommerce option, a portal solution delivers a more professional and smooth business experience for all parties. Notable improvements to business operations include:

  • Reduced errors – No more wasted time or correcting the fallout from simple mistakes. Portal solutions remove the need to manually input data, eliminating errors and their resulting costs.
  • Ease of business – Smoother transactions and communications between businesses, with no need to make radical changes to current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
  • Increased customer loyalty – Portals don't just make the ordering process more reliable and robust. Businesses seeking to remain competitive can offer attractive benefits via their portals, such as loyalty schemes and seasonal offers.

Is it right for your business?

Portals are best suited to businesses that need to deal regularly with multiple buyers or sellers – especially for customer orders. In particular, manufacturers benefit from the streamlined ordering and tracking granted by a portal solution. Alternative options for businesses in the agricultural supply chain include EDI and OCR services (link to those separate articles).

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Why Jolis?

Jolis is the first international provider of these connectivity solutions. Our industry knowledge means we understand the pain points and challenges across the supply chain, and we are uniquely able to work with businesses to solve those problems.

We've already delivered powerful bespoke portal solutions to leading companies in the sector, including UAP Finacial & Insurance Services, Uganda's largest supplier of Investment & Insurance products. By partnering with our customers we were able to tap into their established interface and implement advanced functionality Systems, Applications & Products (SAP) that delivers full and integrated eCommerce functionality. Our customers now offer Bluey, their own comprehensive suite of online portal services available to their customers and part of a more progressive digital strategy.

We connect your business with your partners in any sector. More and more businesses in the supply chain are taking advantage of our innovative solutions and extensive network in any industry, so the benefits provided by data exchange will only grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are G7BILL

G7BILL is the leading billing automation platform powering tens of thousands of companies.

Our mission is to simplify and automate all aspects of operations for online companies. Handling everything from customer signup, to provisioning, management and support, G7BILL provides a single centralized platform for managing your online business so that everyday tasks become quicker, easier, and more efficient.

Abdi Joseph CEO of TheG7

The story of G7BILL began back in 2013, when as the owner of a web hosting business himself, Abdi, our founder and CEO, embarked on a mission to make something better.

G7BILL was created with the aim of being a one stop solution, offering client management, recurring billing and integrated support tools in a single centralized platform that made everyday tasks quicker, easier, and more efficient.

Specialising in online and digital services, since 2015, we have been enabling online companies to automate more of their operations, reduce costs and deliver a better experience to their end users thanks to our integrated platform.

Known for our rapid feature release cycles and highly extensible platform, G7BILL quickly gained popularity among the web hosting community as a powerful, feature rich and highly customisable platform and thanks to the open and extensible nature of our platform, G7BILL soon developed a strong following among the very active web hosting developer community.

Today we are the platform of choice for online automation, with a wide range of integrations included as standard including integrations with all the leading web hosting control panels, domain registrars and cloud service providers along with a feature rich core platform that provides online businesses with the tools they need to be successful.

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