Callback Requests

Callback Requests

A callback request on site, or callback option, also known as virtual hold, allows a customer to leave their number when agents are busy and receive a return call when an agent is available — freeing up the customer’s time for other things. A web callback is initiated on a website by a customer.

When is a callback request important

With a callback request, you enable your customers to choose between waiting on hold in a queue or requesting a callback. When customers select callback, their places are held in the queue and their call is automatically returned when an agent is available to talk with them.

Web callback features allow a visitor to request a phone call from a company representative to obtain further information or answers to questions.
Typically, with web callback requests, a website visitor leaves his or her contact details, such as e-mail address or telephone number, in this case when a visitor clicks on the call back request button a notification in form of a text message Is sent on the administrator’s dashboard who takes the initiative to call back the client to find out what help they needed.

How to Locate an Invoice

From your administrative dashboard, on the left main menu navigate to Callback Request under Accounts as shown in the below screenshot

What can be done on the callback requests page

Searching or downloading callback requests

To search or download an callback request, expand Report Statistics & Controls Tab by clicking on the plus sign on the tab. You then have to select the criteria you would like to use to search for such as callback request number, callback request date, ownerid among others by choosing it from the drop down where the left arrow is pointing. Enter the search query in the space where the right arrow is pointing and click on either search or download depending on what you would like to do.

Viewing a report about callback requests

You can be able to view more details about callback requests by clicking on the plus button next to the callback request whose details you are interested in. This will help you know the status of the callback requests, the amount that was paid by the client, the amount that is due, the date when the payment was made, the items that were paid for, the transaction ID among other details.

It is also possible to view details of the actual callback request that was sent to the client by clicking on the callback request number as shown in the screenshot below.