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How to Manage Orders

How to Manage Orders

An invoice ID or an invoice number is generated after a successful checkout of the buyer or client when the customer pays, the invoice number is noted on the sales receipt and matched for clarity in payment made.

There are two processes you will need to go through in order to ensure that the issuing of the refund is smooth and successful.

  1. Cancel the order that has been made
  2. Return the money back to the customer

Ordering Process
This process begins with a client requesting for a quotation which is generated at the point when one is placing an order. First, the client will identify the kind of service/product they are interested in, add it to cart and then proceed to place an order. At the point of paying, instead of selecting the payment method, the client will instead choose generate quotation. Once this is done, a quotation will be generated instead of an invoice. This quotation can then be emailed to the respective potential client for action.

Once the client is ready, this quotation can easily be converted into an invoice right within their The Great Seven account.


In order to be able to cancel an order, follow the instructions below;

  • Login to your account as an administrator
  • Navigate to Accounts then Invoices and re-open the invoice in case it is closed
  • Go to Stores then Orders
  • Locate the order that is to be canceled
  • Click on the plus button so as to view more details and then click cancel
  • Be sure that the order you are working on is the correct one inorder to avoid cases of wrongly canceling a correct order. To do this, doublecheck that the orderid matches with the order you are canceling.
  • Make sure that you have taken note of the amount of money that the client had deposited as you will need this later.